dodge ± burn launched / by Nathan Young

why the name? dodge & burn are photography techniques used in darkrooms (old school), using a chemical processes & stuff like that. dodging involves selectively blocking or "dodging" a part of the light-sensitive photographic paper during exposure so that the selected part of image receives less light. burning is the opposite, it makes the image darker (just like jose & jordan). these techniques are used to print beautiful photographs, which is what we intend to do, we believe photographs aren't just taken - they're crafted. 

the team at dodge ± burn take inspiration from simple beauty, love, fun & joy .

dodge ± burn limited specialises in wedding, family & commercial photography ± film, established in 2013 by nathan young (dodge) ± jordan wilson (burn).

check out the sweet new website here:

big thanks to everyone who has helped & encouraged me to get this far (that includes you mum & dad) and super big high 5 to all those that allowed me to point my camera at them.

all comments & feedback welcome (click the love hearts as much as you want!)

arohanui (big love)


“Sometimes I arrive just when God's ready to have someone click the shutter.”

― Ansel Adams