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The way we met seems like a bit of a miracle to me. Nathan and I aren't from the same town, we're not from the same state, we're not from the same country. We aren't even from the same hemisphere. Yet God, in His perfect plan, brought us together. 

The internet is a magical place.  You can look up cat memes, find cricket info (if you're Nathan), indulge in fake news, or end up in a weird place on YouTube. You can even meet the love of your life. I had no idea that when I thought I would give a Christian dating site a chance, what adventures God had in store for me.

I wasn't necessarily searching to meet someone who lived almost 8,000 miles (12,500 km for the kiwi readers) away from me when I stumbled on Nathan's profile. It just happened. Here was a man with an amazing smile, a love for God, and his brothers said his beard was good.  His love for photography and a dream of turning a caravan (a RV for those stateside) into a camera piqued my interest. I just had to know, how do you do that?  So I asked.

That one little question turned into a reply from Nathan (with a suggested documentary on wet plate photography) and then he had questions of his own for me. We quickly began messaging back and forth, then exchanged email addresses so we could ask more random questions. Within days we had arranged our first Skype date. He called me from the top of a volcano. Now to you kiwis, that might not seem that special. But to a Nebraskan who had never seen a volcano in real life, I was pretty impressed. We talked for hours and never looked back. 

Daily Skype calls turned into a visit to the states for Nathan. Then a visit to New Zealand  for me.  It became very obvious that being apart was not fun. So a move for me was next. Even though Nathan is a kiwi and I'm from the states, and so many things are different for us (*cough a chicken sandwich isn't a burger cough*), a mutual understanding that we are both sinners in need of a savior, a shared love of Christ, and a general silliness have always been a constant.

One thing I've learned is that I have no idea what God has planned for us. I do know though that it is perfect. And I can't wait to see what He has in store for Nathan and I as we embark on this life together.

p.s. Nathan says a chicken burger IS a burger